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Your entry door is the first welcoming sight that family, friends, and guests see as they enter your home. The Center point of many curbside views and the aperture by which each person enters, an entry door should be both attractive and sturdy. If you are replacing your current front door or adding a new entry door to your home, selection is an important process.

Choosing the Best Entry Doors for Livonia, MI Homes

Naturally, you want a door that is solid, well-insulated, and designed in a way that enhances and flatters your existing home architecture. Entry doors in Livonia, Michigan, can meet all of these requirements and more with careful selection of the perfect door for each entry-point of your home.

Top Considerations for Michigan Entry Door Design

When choosing an entry door for your Livonia, Michigan home, there are five key considerations that may influence your choice and help you select the perfect door for your needs.

The Best Materials for Entry Doors in Livonia, MI

The Best Materials for Entry Doors in Livonia, MI

The first consideration is the material of your new entry door. In Michigan, entry doors should always be solid-core of the highest quality. Solid-core doors are sturdier, well-insulated against outside temperatures, and ensure minimal transmission of sound to ensure household peace and privacy.  There are three types of solid core doors you can choose from, depending on the style and qualities you want to achieve.

Solid Wood Entry Doors

Solid wood entry doors are timeless and classic. They are made of highly valuable hardwoods and are quite heavy. The solid wood has been known as a durable insulator for hundreds of years, and you can enjoy the elegant design each time you enter or leave your home.

The one consideration of solid wood entry doors, however, is that they can swell in heat and damp, contract in cold and dry weather, and are more susceptible to water damage than more artificial options.

Steel Doors with Solid Cores

Steel doors are acclaimed for their security and sleek modern look. While original steel door design is a hollow door, Michigan residential entry doors should always be solid-core. This can be achieved with dense foam sealed inside the steel cavity. There are two common types of foam-core steel doors: Polystyrene drop-in cores and polyurethane which is adhered snugly to the door’s interior skin. 

We strongly recommend polyurethane cores, as they are denser and leave no space for moisture to penetrate your door or foster mold. These solid steel and foam core doors provide excellent protection, a smooth metallic or painted look, and the insulated, soundproofing benefits of a solid core.

Fiberglass Doors with Solid Cores

Fiberglass doors are the most versatile. Lighter than wood and requiring less maintenance than a steel door, fiberglass is extremely durable and excellent door material. Fiberglass can be textured and finished to look like wood, metal, or painted smooth in any bevel or style you desire. It does not warp in the weather and also features a choice of solid foam cores, of which polyurethane cores are the superior choice.

Entry Door Styles to Choose From

Entry Door Styles to Choose From

Your entry door style is a highly personal choice, one that will shape the appearance and personality of your home exterior. Some want a classic door that might match an ancient Tudor or Farmhouse architecture while others are looking for a highly modern style. Consider the variety of options that entry door design can offer.

Door Width and Height

First, consider the space for your door. Discover whether you have room for a tall, wide, or double door or if your optimal selection is a more traditional entry door of the standard size and shape.

Bevels and Door Styles

Bevels are the grooves and raised sections of a door which give it personality. There are dozens of door bevel styles which can give the impression of different ages and architectural styles. Choose whichever bevel style best matches your personal tastes and the architecture of your home.

Curved vs Squared Entry Doors

Some front doors have a curved top, some have a curved window above a rectangular door, and most are simply rectangular. If you have always dreamed of a curved top door, now is your chance to mix it up.

Decorative Glass Inserts: Insulation Matters

Glass inserts are another critical element of a door’s style and flair. You can choose plain, frosted, or stained glass. You can have one window or several. You might prefer a large window over the upper half of the door, a window design near the door’s top, or vertical slats. The choice is entirely yours.

Window vs Peephole

If you have a clear glass window near eye level, you can forego the peephole. Otherwise, it is advised to place a peephole at approximately eye level (it is courteous to place the peephole a little lower for shorter residents) unless a window serves this purpose with a clear view of the front porch.

Entry Door Side Light Windows

Side lights are the vertical windows on either side of an entry door. Adding side lights can give a door a particular style and make the entire porch and entryway feel larger. Side lights also welcome more sunlight into your foyer.

Entry Door Security Considerations

Entry Door Security Considerations

The next consideration should be your security features, primarily your door-lock and deadbolt along with additional security that can be added to this design. 

Multi-Point Locking System

First, be sure that each entry door is equipped with a multi-point locking system. This applies a bolt at at least two – but ideally three – locations. This adds not only greater security, but also greater durability of the lock. It will be far more difficult to kick or pick your door lock to gain entry with a multi-point locking system.

Door Guard Plates

Door guard plates or security guard plates cover the gap between the door and the frame. These prevent your door from being pried open using a crowbar and provide additional security.

Deadbolt and Chain

Many people prefer a combination of both a deadbolt and a door chain. Door chains can be used to answer the door while still denying entry to anyone who might be on the other side. However, intercoms and video doorbells with intercom capabilities are an emerging and viable alternative to the door chain’s original purpose.

Smart Lock Upgrade

When looking into door lock options, also consider the benefits of a smart lock. Smart locks can be set to lock automatically at a certain time (usually, in the evening) and when your phone leaves the house. You can lock or unlock the house or specific doors remotely or with a voice command.

With a keypad lock, you can even assign each family member or welcome friend their own code, which may be active only during certain dates and times. Your smart home will also keep records of which code was used at any time to lock or unlock the door.

Security Doors and Mudroom Door Designs

Security Doors and Mudroom Door Designs

Most Livonia, Michigan homes have mudrooms, that special small room which acts as an airlock against cold weather between the front door and the real foyer of the house. Where to put your official front door is sometimes debated in regard to mudroom design.

In some cases, homeowners choose to place their entry door at the outermost door of the mudroom, facing the neighborhood. In other cases, homeowners may choose to place an insulated security door – often double-glazed glass reinforced with steel bars – at the outside with the true entry door as the interior mudroom door.

The choice is yours, as it is one of both style and home security.

Entry Door Location Options

Lastly, it’s important to remember that entry doors aren’t just for the front door of your house. Every exterior entrance deserves an attractive and solid-core door providing insulation and security. Here are the most common places to install an entry door, and each one is likely to have a unique design to suite the location and use.

Front Door

Every front door should be hung with a solid-core and secured entry door. If you have a hollow-core door in your front doorway, an upgrade becomes an important priority both for your home’s insulation and security concerns. A beautiful solid-core entry door is the best way to greet the world and keep unwanted breezes and visitors outdoors.

Back Door / Side Door

Most Michigan homes also have a backdoor or a side door by which you can access the yard or balcony. Sometimes, these are insulated glass sliding doors, but just as often, you will find a good sturdy entry door of solid core design and a strong multi-point locking bolt to keep the home safe.

Garage-to-House Door

As you probably know, it’s also important to have an insulated door between the house and the garage. Michigan garages become ice-boxes in the winter unless you renovate to insulate from floor to ceiling and provide ventilated heat. To keep the cold out, an entry door is a good choice for solid-core insulation.

Separate Suite Door

Some homes have a separate suite designed in the basement, loft, or extension. This can be extremely useful for visiting family, independent teens, or hosting vacation rental guests. A solid entry door is a great way to ensure mutual privacy and security if the suite has it’s own entry but also connects to the main home interior.

Entry Door Installation Services in Livonia, Michigan

Are you in the market for a beautiful and solid-core entry door for your Livonia, Michigan home? The Rocket Exteriors team would be honored to help you choose and install the perfect door in each of your home’s entry door locations. We proudly provide exterior renovation and repair services for homeowners throughout the Livonia region.  Contact us today to discuss your thoughts on material, style, security, and more. 

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