Exterior Doors
by Rocket Exteriors

Everyone loves a good first impression. This includes your home or business. Your front door is often one of the first things visitors see. It needs to complement the architectural style of the structure while offering beauty that conveys your brand. Doors also have the double duty of inviting people in…and keeping miscreants out. Find the look and style you need at Rocket Exteriors.

Entryway Doors

Entryway doors have a tough job.They need to look beautiful while withstanding the harshness of rain, sun, wind and snow…all while keeping you, your family or your employees safe. At Rocket Exteriors, we offer an array of doors that perform all these functions. Our doors are made of steel, aluminum, glass or wood. Contact us today to find the perfect door that fits your needs.

Sliding Doors

Do you have a patio or deck that requires a sliding door? At Rocket Exteriors, we offer several options for sliding doors to fit your space, needs, and budget. Our sliding doors allow for easy care and maintenance as well as energy-efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.

Patio Doors

Patio doors show the way to your outdoor oasis. We have doors that swing in or out to accommodate the layout of your home. We offer single or double doors to match your existing opening or work with your new construction. Our patio doors, like the rest of our doors and windows, are energy-efficient while providing the aesthetic beauty you want from this type of door.

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