Installation by
Rocket Exteriors

At Rocket Exteriors, we take great pride in our installation services. We sell superior exterior doors, windows, roofing, guttering and gutter guards, but we believe the installation is the most important part.

We employ highly trained installation technicians, ensuring you receive the best service possible. From the first estimate to the last detail, you can expect unrivaled service, exceptional work, and great results.

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Window Installation

Improperly installed windows can cause gaps between the wall and window, allowing outside elements into the room. This can cause energy loss as well as expose the walls to mold and mildew. Trust your new windows to professionals who know how to install them correctly and efficiently, keeping the inside damage-free while allowing the beauty of the outside to shine through.

Window Replacement

Old windows could be costing you more in utility bills than you realize. Window replacement is an excellent way to lower energy usage and update the look of your home, giving it a fresh, beautiful look.

Door Installation

Poorly hung doors mean knobs that don’t catch and never fully close. You might also see gaps between the door and frame that lets sunlight, air, and pests into your building! We specialize in hanging pre-hung and slab doors for inside and outside your home or business.

Door Replacement

New doors can add an updated look to your home or business, creating a specific feeling to your space. We offer a variety of inside and outside doors to complement your design while meeting your needs.

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